Leroy Cogley, driver since March 2002

I started out with Gross’s as a company driver and now as an owner operator. They are a family owned operation and treat everyone as an equal. They are a good company to work for as a company driver and a good company to work for as an owner operator or I would not be here.

Scott Rearick, driver since June 1995

Ron Gross treats you like a part of the family, not just a number. They are fair that a new driver has the opportunity to make as muc h money as the older drivers. They have an open door policy that whatever the problem, they listen to what you have to say.

Cliff Smith, driver since September 1997

I have been an employee for Ron Gross since 1997. Ron Gross has been fair with time off, vacation time and equipment. With them buying new equipment all the time, I know I will be an employee for Ron Gross for a long time.

Harry Thompson: Driver since June 2012

I enjoy working for Ron Gross because they have a great staff that backs us up and does whatever they can to help the driver, 24/7. Even on their day off. I make great money here but most importantly they treat and make me feel like part of the family.

Dennis Lerch: Driver since July 2002

Ron Gross is a strong company with a solid customer base developed by the organization and planning of both dispatch and the drivers and through hard work. Our service team is top notch. Not only do they fix things right, they fix it right away, regardless if you’re at the home base or on the road. Between dispatch and our service department, they keep you rolling. You won’t see Ron Gross trucks sitting still.

Roger Emigh: Driver since February 1994

Family oriented. If you need time off all you have to do is ask. Friendly dispatchers that will work with you.

Ross Robinson: Driver since July 2008

They do what they tell the driver they will do for them. No B.S. They keep the equipment well maintained. You do not have to worry about sitting alongside of the road because of poor equipment. They have great respect for their drivers.